Alex “Machine” Richardson to host the desk at the ESL UK Premiership Finals

ESL UK has announced that the Premiership Spring Season Finals host will be none other than Alex “Machine” Richardson.

Machine is set to return to where it all began

Machine is a very well established host in the scene, having featured at coveted events such as DreamHack Vegas and IEM Katowice in the last month alone. Alex predominantly hosts CS:GO although he also hosted Valve’s Dota 2 Boston Major in December.

Machine will be returning to a place extremely close to home. ESL UK is where it all started for Alex back in his university days. Since then he’s flown the proverbial nest and has hosted events across the world. 

Alex will be hosting the CS:GO finals on March 18th, which is set to see MnM Gaming face off against FM ESPORTS, as well as the League of Legends finals on March 19th, where Team XENEX and MnM Gaming are set to compete. 

Alex “Machine” Richardson, Host and Shoutcaster said: “The ESL UK Premiership and ESL UK studio was where I was given the chance to forge a career in esports. I am incredibly honored to be able to return to where a lot of this started and host the 2017 spring season finals. I’m excited to see what talent the UK is fielding this year”.

James Dean, Managing Director of ESL UK commented: “The aim of the ESL Premiership has always been to foster British talent and give the individuals involved the opportunity to step up to the world stage. Machine is easily one of the UK’s greatest success stories and we’re so pleased to be able to welcome him back to ESL UK at such an exciting time for the Premiership and British esports”. 

The finals take place at ESL Studios in Leicester and tickets are available now. ESL UK has partnered with Microsoft for the event to create a free-to-play area with some of the latest Xbox One titles available. Omen by HP will also be attending with computers available on Sunday, March 19th for a 1v1 League of Legends tournament.

Esports Insider says: It’s great to see Machine still supporting the grassroots that helped him along the way to where he is today. The UK scene continues to grow and this is testament to that very fact.