American Leisure Holdings finalises merger with GG Media Network

31 March 2017


American Leisure Holdings has announced that it has finalised a merger with GG Media Network, the parent company to GG Studios, LLC, an esports media production company. 

Christian Bishop, GG Media Network

GG Studios’ Co-Founder, Christian Bishop will serve as CEO of American Leisure.

GG Studios works with publishers and sponsors to create and distribute original esports content for both television and digital platforms. GG Media Network as a company is made up of three distinct divisions. These are GG Studios, the talent management and brand sponsorship division and the esports event management division.

GG Studios is focused on non-scripted content production. It provides specialised production for television and digital platforms. As for talent management and brand sponsorship this is a segment of esports which is growing at a fast pace, with large non-endemic sponsors coming in this means the money is flowing and players especially are well placed to grow their personal ‘brands’. 

This area of the company will be focused in areas such as cross-promotion, digital rights management, monetisation and sales, and audience development.

Finally, the events management division will look at ‘managing and promoting the running of officially accredited tournaments garnered through partnerships and collaborations with developers, vendors, and sponsors’.

Esports Insider says: This merger has reportedly been long in the making, and we can presume they’ve a sizable team in place as they look to take on the three divisions of the studio, brand sponsorship and sales as well as talent and events management. This won’t be the last merger we see this year either.