Esport Talk – Are Ad Finem entering CS:GO?

15 March 2017


Are Ad Finem entering CS:GO? 

Valve’a MOBA Dota 2 is one of the amongst the most famous esports titles in the world and, for the very best teams, it’s the most lucrative too. This is largely thanks to TI. Accordingly, the competitive Dota scene is a strongly contested domain where only the fittest survive. 

Prior to the Boston Major, one of the most promising rising stars in Dota 2 were certainly Ad Finem. The Greek team only existed for about two years but nevertheless they made a noticeable impact on the scene. Their greatest success before their very recent dissolution was finishing second at the Boston Major 2016 where they earned $500,000.

This run was especially impressive as no one saw it coming. As the tourney’s underdog, Ad Finem nearly dropped out of the group stage. But they managed to fight back and go all the way through to make it to the grand finals. They proved that hard work and team spirit can get you everywhere you want.

The latest guest on Esport Talk is Alex Mavroudis, CEO of Ad Finem, who discussed the org’s Dota 2 team. The podcast was recorded before the players left the organisation. 

The recent changes do not diminish the value of their results. Alex gives us detailed insights into the organization of the Dota squad and how Ad Finem came into being. Although many people would doubt that a Greek team could be so successful in esports, they proved otherwise. But what was their key to success, and what made them different from other teams? And will they expand to other esports titles as well?

Have a listen below.