Esport Talk – Doing Justice to mYinsanity’s Legacy – Mark ‘Yogmark’ Meijdam

29 March 2017


Is the era of major organisations in StarCraft 2 dead and buried? Ever since the disbandment of several Korean teams, a great many have declared Blizzard’s Real Time Strategy title dead. 

In the past week however we’ve seen Blizzard plan’s to fight back and keep it alive and kicking. Starcraft: Remastered will be out in the summer, but for now the focus remains on the current teams in the space.

One solid example is mYinsanity which used to contract players such as Rain, jjakji, or StarDust. Nowadays, they’ve Beastyqt, Golden, and PtitDrogo and as such maintain some top players of the scene.

After Stefan ‘PengWin’ Mott’s departure, the players were without team manager. Then Mark ‘Yogmark’ Meijdam stepped up to the plate. Yogmark spoke to the guys at Esport Talk this week for their latest podcast. 

They discussed his early days as a gamer, and how he came to find himself in his current role and his responsibilities as the team manager of mYinsanity. 

Will 2017 prove a memorable year for mYinsanity? Last year, PtitDrogo did very well when he won DreamHack and attended BlizzCon. Can another player repeat this success this year?

This is now the 22nd episode of Esport Talk, and the site, which is available in both English and German, maintains the entire inventory of podcasts to listen through. The latest cast, with Yogmark, can be heard below.