Esport Talk – The Real Pokémon Master in Esports

01 March 2017


It’s hard to remember a game that had as significant an impact or that drove people as wild as Pokémon GO upon its release. 

Most were happy to chase down a Dingbat or chase a Charmander, but there is a competitive scene to the wider Pokémon brand too.

Pokémon is a strategic turn-based battle game. Each player has a team of six monsters of which they choose four to battle with. Before they make their choices, they consider the six creatures selected by their opponents. In order to avoid too defensive strategies, and excessive exchanges, each player fights with two Pokémon at once.

There are more than 700 Pokémon meaning the game offers its players a number of strategic options. Mind games are as important as the right training of your fighting pets. Although, there are line-ups that have displayed their viability, there is always a way to work around the meta as well. This creates a strategic depth which one can overlook at first.

This week Esport Talk sat down with the ‘true Pokémon Master’. Markus Stadter is a 21-year-old psychology student, who goes by the name ‘13Yoshi37’ in the scene. He won the German championship in both 2014 and 2015, and he finished third at the Pokémon World Championship last year. He has since become a DreamHack Champion as well.

Esport Talk quizzed him on how Pokémon today is different from what it used to be,  and what’s on his agenda for 2017. They also discussed which role the game can play in the system of esports.

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