Meltdown Bars partners with Discord

08 March 2017


Sophia Metz, Meltdown Bar

Meltdown Bars has announced an intriguing partnership with Discord to ‘power communications at all its locations worldwide’. 

In case you’re unaware Meltdown is an esports bar chain with centrally run locations in Paris, Berlin and London with a number of franchise bars further afield throughout Europe and Canada. There are currently Meltdown bars in  Brussels, Cologne, Budapest, Madrid, Valencia, Toronto, Quebec and Montreal. 

There are a number more in France which is the home of the company, and you can check the map below for clarity. 

Sophia Metz, Meltdown Bars Founder, told Esports Insider: “Discord is definitely the best app on the market, and I am proud to announce a long-lasting partnership with a brand who shares our DNA and our thirst for innovation.”

Meltdown hosts nearly 300 gaming tournaments per month and it has more planned for the future. Naturally these tournaments require flawless communication and organisation. This is where Discord comes in, whilst they won’t ‘help directly’ they’ll support all the tournaments across the 24 Meltdown bars and provide the software to do so. 

Meltdown will be working with Discord to “offer customers an immersive gaming experience in all of their locations”.

Esports Insider says: We only have the one Meltdown in London and are eager for more to open. Our preference is Putney but our desires aside, this is an interesting partnership and with a well recognised partner in the form of Discord on board we’re optimistic about the result of these two working together.