ELEAGUE announce Street Fighter V celebrity showmatch for charity

ELEAGUE have announced a Street Fighter V Celebrity Showdown to air on Friday, April 28th in support of various charities.

The Emmy nominated studio have pulled no proverbial Dragon Punches either; with four big names set to be paired and take to the stage. NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal will be joined by Reggie Bush, Lupe Fiasco and Natalie Eva Marie as they battle it out on Street Fighter.

Shaq is supporting the Odessa Chambliss Quality of Life Fund, Lupe the MURAL foundation, Bush the 619 Charitable Fund and Marie the American Cancer society. It’s sure to be a great spectacle, even though the Street Fighter may not be of the highest quality. Then again, Shaq’s unproven on the global SFV stage and with undeniable sporting prowess he could well have the knack for fighting games.

O’Neal is no stranger to the wonderful world of esports. His involvement in the NRG organisation is well documented but this will most definitely be the first time we’ve seen the basketball man compete (esports-wise) himself. 

American rapper and producer Lupe Fiasco is the man one to be paired with, though. Fiasco famously beat Daigo Umehara last year in an exhibition match by three rounds to two. He’s a confessed lover of the FGC so it’s of little surprise that he returns for the charity showdown at ELEAGUE. If he’s substantially better than the rest, maybe viewers will be treated to another Lupe versus professional showdown. Only time will tell. 

Whilst Marie and Bush have tenuous links to esports and FGC at best, the whole event is being put on for an array of great causes. There’s four great charities being supported and with a combined Twitter following of over 15 million it’s sure to bring more great exposure to the effervescent FGC. 

Esports Insider says: Our money is firmly on Lupe. We know the man has the ability. That said, Shaq has probably been practising hard and will likely be competitive. With four great causes being supported, kudos to the FGC, ELEAGUE and the celebs involved.