Esport Talk – Can Unreal Tournament 4 stage a comeback?

13 April 2017


After a brief and well deserved break, Esport Talk is back with a podcast about Unreal Tournament 4 and player Klaus ‘frag^m’ Wiedemann.

When it comes to FPS and esports there is only one title people think of first. While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has become a true tier one title, we’ve heard little of Quake and Unreal Tournament in recent years. 

Why is that? Is the golden age of arena shooters over for good? Are they too hard to play for the newer generations of gamers? Are those games and their mechanics maybe outdated and simply not fun anymore? Or are developers unable to do justice to their legacy?

This week’s cast and article from Esport Talk try to answer these questions. The article is a fairly long analysis of Unreal Tournament 4’s effect on esports, the game’s past and its potential for a comeback. will we analyse the past of the game and its effect on esports but also its potential to stage a comeback, and become a fan favorite once more. 

Helping out this time was Klaus ‘frag^m’ Wiedemann. The 34 year old recently quit Overwatch to launch an Unreal Tournament 4 team on behalf of mousesports. A seemingly bold move at a time where the Blizzard title is on the up, Wiedemann argues that UT4 has some significant advantages over the newcomer. That said he also maintains that he doesn’t like comparing UT4 to titles like Overwatch and CS:GO as they’re too different. 

He said: “Back to the roots UT used to be the crème de la crème of esports titles. Even if there is not much prize money on the line at the moment, UT4 has the potential to be part of it again soon. Furthermore, we as a team, and accordingly mouz as an organisation, can show the people out there, how much fun fast-paced arena games are.”

The cast is an extended Q&A with frag^m and is well worth a listen.