Virtus.Pro challenge SK Gaming to $100k esports football match

In what is perhaps the most interesting challenge in esports history, the Brazilian SK Gaming will be battling the Polish Virtus.Pro in a 7v7 football match.

Following a Twitter dare by Virtus.Pro’s CS:GO player Jarosław “paszaBiceps” Jarząbkowski in response to a post SK Gaming made offering fans a chance to play football with their CS:GO team, came one of the most interesting ” esports tournaments” to date.

We’ve seen the likes of PSG, Schalke, Valencia and more football clubs enter esports in recent times and now it’s time for two top esports orgs to try this procedure out in reverse.

After talks with ESforce Holding Managing Partner Anton Cherepennlkov and ESL Vice-President Michael Blicharz, the teams agreed on the date of the event and the $100k (£78,000) prize pool. Scheduled to take place on July 10th, the day after ESL One Cologne 2017, the location has not yet been revealed.

When it comes to rosters, the teams will be using a variety of players. On the Polish side we have paszaBiceps acting as captain along with three of his teammates, Janusz “Snax”Pogorzelski, Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas, Filip “NEO” Kubski and their coach Jakub “kuben” Gurczyński. Joining them are VP’s DOTA 2 support player Alexei “Solo” Berezin and their League of Legends Mid Laner  Ivan “Paranoia” Tipuhov.

The Brazilian side will see their entire CS:GO roster play, with Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo acting as captain along with their video producer Valeri Kirov and Managing Director Alex Müller.

Image courtesy of SK/Virtus.Pro

While pasza did mention a stream being included in the deal, the location of this stream has yet to be announced by either side. All information about this match will be released on this site, so make sure to stay tuned both there as well as on ESI for any upcoming information as it is released.

Esports Insider says: Having professional esports players involving themselves in one of the most popular traditional sports on the planet is both interesting and a good way to promote the teams and the esports industry as a whole. SK or Virtus…who’s your money on?