RiftAnalyst will help League of Legends players up their game

10 April 2017


Mercè Delgado, Fluendo

Fluendo, a developer of video analysis software for the sports industry, has today announced its first steps into esports with the launch of RiftAnalyst

RiftAnalyst is a tool aimed at helping League of Legends players ‘reach their pinnacle’. Fluendo has worked with teams such as Blackburn Rovers FC and the Spanish national handball team, and now it’s looking to establish itself with the esports elite and help players improve their League play. 

It’s pretty affordable too meaning amateur players and teams lower down the pecking order will be able to make use of it; it’s available in both a free and premium option (€3.99/month).

RiftAnalyst is linked to Riot’s API and allows users to import ranked and unranked match data, users can review their own play or that of others, and they can quickly navigate to certain events such as Dragon kills and Tower kills. It also offers the ability to annotate videos to highlight wrong (and right) moves on specific frames.

RiftAnalyst also enables users to create custom playlists, featuring all their annotations and comments, that can be exported in high or low quality to share directly to email or social media channels.

Mercè Delgado, CEO of Fluendo, commented: “We’re so excited to be launching RiftAnalyst. Although esports are following traditional sports in their professionalism, there are no video analysis tools currently available. This new app will take LOL gameplay to the next level by analysing objective and subjective features, and providing users access to ranked and unranked match data directly from Riot.

“We have created a platform, using our experience working with football, rugby, hockey and other sports teams, that will seriously improve a players’ ability, while providing assistance to those who coach or analyse gameplay.”

Esports Insider says: Fluendo has some pedigree when it comes to working with big organisations across other sports with video analysis. This new product aimed at helping esports players and teams, starting with League of Legends, is affordable and with a free option undoubtedly worth a look.