Riot Games to open office in London

Riot Games, the company that develop leading esports game League of Legends, is opening a new UK office in London. 

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The publisher currently has an office in Dublin yet has not had an office in the UK since it closed its Brighton office last year. Although there has been no official announcement, this post on the forums from “GeneralCoxy” (a.k.a Mark Cox) effectively revealed the company’s plans. 

The post addressed the UK community to ask for feedback on the existing League of Legends scene and what the company can do to help it prosper.

Mark’s post stated: “I am GeneralCoxy, I have recently moved back from the sunny shores of Sydney Australia, to help the Riot team open the new UK office.

Why do I need your help you say? Well I want to know a few of things from you guys:

  1. What do you want to see from a local UK Riot team (community activities, esports, art, cosplay, in-game events etc)?
  2. What have we done well in the UK (if you have nothing good to say move to question 3:))?
  3. What have we not done well in the UK (don’t pull any punches here)?

Throw anything into this thread and I will answer also any questions you may have on the plans in the UK. Thanks for your help and feedback in advance!”

Dom Sacco, Content Director for British Esports Association told ESI: “Riot Games moving to London is a move that makes a lot of sense. It puts them closer to their official-sanctioned tournaments such as the ESL Premiership, as well as other businesses and partners around the central London hub,” before adding “I think the idea is for them to get their feet on the ground and more actively engaged with the UK community. They’ve already asked for feedback and have been arranging meetings with various stakeholders. I’m sure they have some exciting plans lined up for the future.”

Esports Insider says: Good to see Riot back in London on ESI’s home turf. The more the merrier in this wonderful city.