DeadlyKittens acquired by Zenway Productions

Zenway Productions, an events management company, has acquired the team DeadlyKittens

The news was brought to the public sphere via an article on the Zenway site, with the company proudly sharing on Facebook that they’d acquired their ‘first’ esports team. The language used leaves little doubt as to whether they’ve further aspirations in the space, and the press release on the site confirmed that ‘Zenway hopes to eventually expand into other games’.  

For now at least the company has secured a team with some pedigree in Heroes of the Storm. DeadlyKittens were the Southeast Asian champions from 2015 to 2017 in the SEA Heroes of the Storm Global Championships (HGC). 

Lee Jian Ming, Founder of Zenway Productions stated: “With DeadlyKittens’ recent qualifying to represent SEA in Dreamhack, we felt like this would be a good time to do our part in supporting and growing the esports scene here.

“We have close bonds with the Heroes community here in SEA and have watched this particular team grow from strength to strength.  I feel that they have the potential to push themselves even further with proper support.”

The assumption going forward is that Zenway will make further acquisitions to have a presence in other titles. Whilst Heroes of the Storm is a respected title in its own right, it’s not on the level of the likes of League, Dota and CS:GO in terms of viewership and plentiful high level tournaments and leagues. 

Michael “DK.Mirr” Luo, Team Captain of DeadlyKittens noted: “With Zenway Productions’ support, we have reached another milestone for our team. There is lots of talent in this region to be nurtured and I hope there will be much more support for esports to come in future.  We definitely have the skills to make our mark in the global scene.”

Esports Insider says: The SEA region is undoubtedly rife with both talent and potential, and acquisitions such as this one should help the teams there to grow and push on. We expect that Zenway will move into one of the major titles down the line, but first up they’ll be hoping that DeadlyKittens impress at DreamHack Summer at which they’ll be representing SEA in the HGC Mid-Season Brawl.