DreamHack announces ‘Senior tournament’ amongst others

DreamHack has announced four side competitive events that will run at the same time as its main DreamHack Summer 2017 tournament.

The four tournaments include an all-female tournament, a junior tournament for those under 18, a free-for-all tournament for and perhaps the most interesting, the ‘senior’ tournament.

Image courtesy of DreamHack

In an environment in which most players are in their early to mid twenties, save for Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas, having a tournament for players aged 30 and over is certainly a unique concept. This and the other three tournaments will be BYOC (Bring your Own Computer) and will run  from June 17-20 at Elmia Fair in Jönköping, Sweden like the main tournament. According to Yahoo Esports, the event “holds the Guinness World Record for highest number of computers in a LAN.”

This tournament has the chance of turning into something like CS Reunion @ Inferno Online, a tournament run by DreamHack last April for ex-1.6 legends to show their skill once more. Players like Emil “HeatoN” Christensen of the classic SK 2003 squad would definitely be fan favourites but there are other legends who could make an appearance too. 

One player who immediately comes to mind is the Brazilian Raphael “cogu” Camargo who was considered to be the best Brazilian CS player of all time. Someone else who could make an appearance is popular streamer Anomaly’s dad Papanomaly, who is often seen in videos either assisting with case unboxings or actually playing the game.

The prize winnings for the side tournaments are as follows:
1st place – 10,000 SEK
2nd place – 5,000 SEK
3rd place – Product prizes

Esports Insider says: It is very considerate for DreamHack to create tournaments for people who might not have otherwise competed. It will definitely be a breath of fresh air from seeing the same teams compete against each other. Perhaps the Junior tournament will show us some great up-and-coming legends that might get a chance at their own pro contract.