World eSport rebrands to and exits Beta phase

It’s time for change at World eSport. The company has rebranded to and in the same week has exited its Beta phase after seven months. 

Marc Berthold,

The ‘professional social network for gaming and esports’ has made the move in part due to the shifting of the power to the usage of ‘esports’ and the dropping of the capital s.  

Founders, Marc “Vazy” Berthold and Alexandra “Maxima” Berthold, explained the decision in detail: “When we founded the company two years ago, the term eSport was perfectly fine to use in the international esports scene.

“Written as eSport, it is the common and correct term in German and French speaking countries. However, the more the industry has come to adopt the term “esports”, discussions have followed about which is the correct spelling. Now, “esports” is fast becoming widely adopted by the industry and this is causing confusion between World eSport and other similar named companies.”

The choice of the new name has a specific meaning as it brings together leet, a known gaming term, whilst the g stands for gaming. All World eSport users will still be able to access the platform as before, with all details being transported over. 

Marc “Vazy” Berthold noted: “In order to avoid the discussions on which spelling is correct, we wanted something unique and original, which is easily remembered. We came up with The uniqueness and stickiness are great, and it relates to the gaming and esports industries. Having done a lot of research these past months, including analysis with different individuals from the industries we operate in, as well as from the marketing sector, had everyone convinced.”

The style of the logo has also remained the same though the platform has been rebulit with new features and a redesigned message centre. Now the Beta phase is over, users have been told to expect a number of new functionalities to be added in the coming weeks and months. 

Esports Insider says: As long time supporters of the lower case s we’re delighted to see this rebrand. Gleetz is a less generic name too meaning it should prove more memorable for new users.