CLG partners with Overwolf to offer pro in-game guides

The American esports organisation Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) have announced their partnership with Overwolf, an application which allows developers to create downloadable applications for video games. 

This partnership will be oriented towards CLG’s League of Legends fans and will prove in-game play tips and build guides through an application called “Legendary Builds.” These tips and guides will be developed by CLG’s professional LoL team. Players will be able to access these resources through Overwolf’s in-game overlay, allowing them easy access without having to switch to a different window outside of the game.

Uri Marchand, Overwolf’s Co-founder and CEO stated: “We take pride in our players’ personal stories and how they fought their way up to the highest levels of play. With the Legendary Builds app, our community can now follow our players’ recommended build strategies and tips so that they can climb the ranks in League of Legends. The Legendary Build app gave us a great way to give back to our community by helping them level up their game.”

Image courtesy of Courtesy of CLG

CLG’s Director of Business Development John Spiher added: “Our apps help gamers play at their best. The Legendary Builds app is like having your pro friend sit next to you and personally coach you on LoL strategy and item builds. The CLG team has always inspired me with their players’ unique stories about grit and passion.”

This isn’t Overwolf’s first big partnership. Many partnerships, such as those with EA, and Intel were made to create specially made apps for the partner’s audience. Overwolf has also created the official Teamspeak in-game overlay in partnership with Teamspeak.”

Esports Insider says: League of Legends is one of the most popular esports titles in the world. With this in mind, it’s clear that another such team partnership could help Overwolf give their name an added boost in the space.