Esports team management platform ReadyUp to launch in Autumn

Roderick Alemania, ReadyUp

San Francisco based ReadyUp, which calls itself the ‘first esports team management platform, will go live this Autumn. 

New organisations in esports crop up rather regularly but it’s safe to say that a lot underestimate the amount of varied hard work that goes into building something successful. ReadyUp is looking to provide would be big team owners with the tools to make this job easier. Some of these tools are focused on roster management, communication and scheduling.

As first reported by VentureBeat, ReadyUp is now out of what they called ‘stealth mode’ and is making itself known before a formal launch in the coming months. 

The ReadyUp CEO is Roderick Alemania who has worked in executive roles at the likes of IGN Entertainment/Fox Interactive Media. Of the plans for ReadyUp he said: “With hundreds of millions of global esports enthusiasts, we believe esports’ scale and fragmentation now warrants a comprehensive set of team management tools. ReadyUp will bring the best practices in traditional sports that have been successful at providing structure and efficiency from running recreational teams to managing large sports organisations.”

Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, a well known and well regarded former pro, is a Co-Founder and will be ReadyUp’s Chief Gaming Officer. He stated: “Whether you’re an entry level amateur or seasoned pro, competition takes intense dedication, discipline and time,” said Wendel, in a statement. “By taking on day to day team management tasks that take teams away from gaming, ReadyUp allows for structure which will help the gamer to utilize its time more efficiently to become their best.”

Sean Allen, who boasts extensive experience at Sony, will take the role of CTO. We’re as yet unclear on the pricing strategy and who ReadyUp will be primarily targeting. We’ve reached out to ReadyUp for further comment so hopefully we’ll have more information soon. 

Esports Insider says: The primary aim of ReadyUp is to make things easier for team owners and managers with a platform which will allow them to focus on competition and player management. It sounds useful on paper but we’ll wait to see the product in action before commenting further!