GINX Esports TV announced ‘Fight Night’

GINX Esports TV has announced that this Friday (16th June), it will be broadcasting three live international esports events back-to-back. It’s dubbed the event ‘Fight Night’ and the release states it’s esports television’s first live ‘all-nighter’. 

GINX will first broadcast the OGN Apex Season 3 Overwatch competition from Seoul, Korea at 21:00 BST. It will then move to the Call of Duty: World League in Anaheim, California at 0:00 BST before ending ‘Fight Night’ at ELEAGUE’s CS:GO Clash for Cash between Astralis and Virtus.Pro. 

The release states that “for the first time on broadcast television, esports fans will be able to watch three live major international events back-to-back, uninterrupted and commercial free”. It also adds a quote from Miciel Bakker, GINX TV CEO, who spoke to The Esports Observer. He stated “We’re delighted to bring three such important events to esports fans in the comfort of their front rooms. This is the one of many major programming events that viewers can expect to see on GINX Esports TV this year.”

Esports truly is an industry which never sleeps. With Dota fans also having The Summit 7 and NESO – Galaxy Battles 2017 on top of the Call of Duty, Overwatch and CS:GO action there’s no shortage of content for a consumer’s perusal. It will be interesting to hear whether or not many stick out the whole of ‘Fight Night’ as there’s three different esports on show and many spectators may not enjoy each and every one of them. 

Regardless, it’s great to see GINX broadcasting top tier esports action that’s available to so many households around the world. We’ve certainly flicked onto sports channels before thinking “What on earth are they showing?”, so maybe GINX will capture a new gaggle of esports. 

Esports Insider says: A busy night of action on GINX. For those in the UK get your energy drinks ready as there’s a long night of esports perusal ahead…