More than just prize money up for grabs at the ESL Premiership this autumn..

ESL UK has formally announced the ESL Premiership is returning this autumn which’ll see Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends teams competing for a £21,000 prize pot. There is also a League of Legends Challenger Series Qualifier spot up for grabs. 

The top four teams from the recently-completed Spring Season have been invited back from the Autumn Season. This means that when it comes to League of Legends, players from MnM Gaming, Team Xenex, ExceL eSports and CycloneGG will be back in action. As for CS:GO attendees can expect to see FM Esports, Fish123, exceL eSports and The Imperial potentially making a return.

Open Qualifiers will be the process which decide the remaining four spots for each title. These will be held on June 26th-27th and 3rd-4th July for CS:GO and June 28th-29th and July 5th-6th for League of Legends. Anyone can make a bid for these. 

The ESL Premiership’s Autumn Season group stage will take place in a round robin format. This will begin Monday 17th of July for CS:GO and Wednesday 19th for League of Legends. Teams will play on a single night in a best-of-one format, set to run for seven weeks until August 30th.

Playoffs will begin on September 4th for CS:GO and September 6th for League of Legends with two best-of-threes played between the top four teams. The victors will then face off at the live finals in mid-September.

Will Attwood, ESL UK Product Manager commented: “Following on from the incredibly successful Spring Season, we’re delighted to see the UK’s best talent returning for the Autumn Season. ESL UK is committed to developing the UK esports scene, which is why we’re once again holding Open Qualifiers. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a professional esports player, this is your shot!”

Esports Insider says: It’s good to see ESL UK continue to include Open Qualifiers for half the available spots. With £21,000 and a valuable League Challenger Series Qualifier in the mixer, competition should prove fierce.