Vexed sign sponsorship deal with EBuyer

After entering the UK esports scene with pick-ups of Halo and CS:GO teams, Vexed is doubling down its UK efforts by signing a sponsorship deal with Ebuyer. The deal sees the online retailer become the Denmark and UK-based organisation’s lead sponsor.

Vexed was founded in Denmark in 2015. It originally had a Polish CS:GO team representing them. The Polish team represented Vexed at two CS:GO Majors, before the organisation shut its doors in March 2016, releasing its Hearthstone roster at the same time. In September 2016, the organisation reformed signing teams across multiple titles. Most notably, Vexed signed a French CS:GO team before the recent additions of UK-based Halo and CS:GO rosters.

Ebuyer are no strangers to esports, especially in the UK. In August last year, they signed a deal with UK-based organisation FMESPORTS, which was recently renewed until 2018. Before that, they were involved in the UK’s CS:Source scene, notably signing a moderately successful “Team Ebuyer” after a tournament at Insomnia i30 in 2007.

Steve James, Gaming Marketing Manager for Ebuyer said: “I’m thrilled to be able to take this next step in our Esports adventure with a new team in the UK. We searched long and hard to find the right match for us and we feel Vexed offer a wide range of options. Their mix of pedigree and young talent across a variety of game types will allow us to do some pretty exciting things going forward. We hope to be able to back the organisation and help push it forward towards UK domination.”

Mark Weller, COO of Vexed added: “Myself and Vexed are extremely excited to be joining forces with the UK’s biggest online tech retailer, Ebuyer. It is a true honour to have them on board as our lead sponsor and we look forward to working together to help bring UK esports to the world stages”

Esports Insider says: A big new deal for the Anglo-Danish organisation sees them strengthen their growing position in esports. Congratulations to both parties on the deal.