Vodafone Spain plans daily Twitch content on new channel

Vodafone Spain has revealed it will launch an esports channel on Twitch this Friday, to be dubbed esports Vodafone. 

It will broadcast daily, from 16:00 CEST through to 00:00. The content will include a news roundup and plenty of other television-esque content. RapidTVNews suggests that it will even look to run weekly competition on Sunday. The company already has a YouTube channel with over 17,000 subscribers. 

We knew we had the task of bringing esports to the largest possible audience. We’re proud of having contributed to notably develop the esports audience in Spain and, during this second year, we’d like to help gamers to exploit and improve their skills through our content,” commented Cristina Barbosa, brand director, Vodafone Spain in the initial news on El Mundo, a Spanish news source.

She continued: “And if the thing works, do not rule out betting on a broader format, even making the leap to television. You have to do an educational work because, the moment you know Something, it hooks you. I compare it to Master Chef. We did not know what caramelising or liquid hydrogen was, but now all of Spain knows it. Something like that has to be done (with esports).”


Report suggest that all of the content will, understandably, be broadcast in Spanish. It’s far from Vodafone Spain’s first foray into esports as they still sponsor G2’s Spanish League of Legends team which compete in the national league. The team is called G2 Vodafone and thus the brand already has substantial exposure. 

It seems telecommunications companies are very interested in the esports side of things, with Telefonica and Orange also taking prominent positions and making investments in the Spanish League of Legends side.

Esports Insider says: They say in esports content is king. If Vodafone Spain can deliver quality esports content on a daily basis then they’ll go some way to cementing themselves as fan favourites in Spain. It’s a hefty commitment, too, as eight hours of content is no small feat.