Ambitious appointment could lead to commercial prosperity for Gfinity

Mark Brittain, Gfinity

UK-based esports company Gfinity has taken strides towards boosting its commercial potential by appointing the reputable former TV executive, Mark Brittain as Chief Commercial Officer. 

Brittain has been entrusted with the task of connecting Gfinity to new brands and he has already hinted he has numerous brands lined up, that would benefit greatly from being linked to Gfinity.

His notable experience and industry knowledge mean his appointment could prove a shrewd acquisition for Gfinity. 

In his previous role at Simon Cowell’s production company SYCO Entertainment, Brittain closed deals with more than 50 brand partners and worked with some of the most acclaimed names in the entertainment industry.

Working together, Gfinity and Brittain could replicate ideas that worked so well for Brittain on previous platforms. Brittain has expressed his desire to: ‘break down barriers and allow brands to experiment in the space,’ in doing so, he’ll convince: ‘intimidated decision makers alien to the concept of esports’ that it can be a truly sound investment.

The appointment signals the start of an exciting period for Gfinity. Brittain echoed a sentiment felt by an increasing number that esports is ‘one of the most exciting entertainment sectors in the world right now.’

Gfinity Chief Executive Neville Upton expressed great optimism about the appointment: “Securing Mark’s services is a real coup for us, his experience with brands such as X-Factor and the Got Talent series, which have led the way in creating commercial rights around broadcast content, will be invaluable in helping Gfinity secure strategic partnerships and drive long term revenue growth.”

Gfinity’s inaugural Elite Series in its upgraded Fulham venue is currently underway and is comprised of nine weeks of competition across Street Fighter, CS:GO and Rocket League. You can check the current standings here

Esports Insider says: This is an ambitious appointment of somebody who is highly regarded within the TV industry. The hope for Gfinity is that it will lead to a number of commercial opportunities and deals from the entertainment sector, and further connect the company to stakeholders in that industry.