Cloud9 sign Rocket League team

North American esports organisation Cloud9 have announced the signing of a Rocket League team.

The new squad, previously competing as ‘The Muffin Men’, are fresh off of victory at  Dreamhack Atlanta 2017, which they won just last week. The trio of players includes two Americans – Kyle “Torment” Storer and Jesus “Gimmick” Parra – and one Canadian, Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda.

The announcement on Cloud9’s website clearly displays high expectations for a bright future with the team. Praising the group’s “consistent results” in monthly competitions, the statement claims confidence that the team’s recent first win at a major event “was only the beginning of this roster’s dominant presence”.

Cloud9 General Manager Danan Flander described how Rocket League attracted his attention as “a fun, accessible esport for everyone” which “stormed” onto the scene. “We began talks with The Muffin Men before this last DreamHack and their stellar performance solidified our interest,” he said. “Happy to have them on board as yet another top team on Cloud9.”

Kyle said that the team was “really excited” to be joining the organisation. “We’ve been fans of their teams in other games for a long time and really respect them. We look forward to bringing our success in Rocket League to Cloud9.”

The signing of a Rocket League team marks Cloud9’s esports entry into its eleventh current game franchise as its influence spreads over competitive gaming in the west. Alongside its teams, Cloud9 also manages a number of streamers under its brand.

Esports Insider says: With over 30 million players now enjoying the crazy car antics of Psyonix’s hit game, the esport’s size certainly justifies the signing of a top competitive team. This is a huge reward for the players, and the stability and resources they should enjoy under the Cloud9 banner will provide ample incentive for other players to succeed and get signed up to an organisation themselves.