HellRaisers agree new sponsorship deal with Sportsbet.io

Sportsbet.io, a bitcoin-led sportsbook, has agreed a major new sponsorship deal with the GS:CO esports team HellRaisers.

The move reinforces Sportsbet.io’s commitment to promoting the growing community as well as promising to further invest in its esports betting product.

Sportsbet.io is also offering its customers bet boosts on esports matches featuring HellRaisers throughout the 12-month deal, as well as promoting competitions for skins.

HellRaisers is currently ranked in the world’s top 20 CS:GO teams and features players from Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary.

Dias Ismailov, Head of Esports at the Coingaming Group, said: “This partnership with HellRaisers excites us as we support esports’ growth, and we hope that players will take to this as we continue to offer a premium service to fans, bettors and teams alike.

“We are fully committed to the future of esports and working with HellRaisers and its legion of fans will enable us to continue improving our betting products and give something back to the rapidly evolving community.

Aleksey “XAOC” Kucherov, CEO at HellRaisers, said: “We have made a conscious decision to choose a betting partner that shares our vision of esports growth, and we believe that by betting with Sportsbet.io our fans will not only support HellRaisers, but also the entire esports industry that we all love.

“It’s an exciting time for all in the community and we look forward to working with Sportsbet.io so we can shape the future of esports together.”

 Esports Insider says: The partnership between these two could be profoundly effective. It’s clear that by offering bet boosts on esport matches involving HellRaisers, Sportsbet.io are looking to embrace this sponsorship for its full benefits. The announcement of this sponsorship will undoubtedly have spurred a high level of intrigue about future promotions involving the two brands.