Promotion, relegation and more in RLCS Season 4

The Rocket League Championship Series kicks off again in August and there are some notable changes which add yet more to the buzz of the Rocket League esports scene.

Expansion is the name of the game, and in both the NA and EU regions the number of teams will go from eight to sixteen. These will be split between two divisions; the RLCS itself and the Rocket League Rival Series (RLRS). The RLRS will run parallel to the RLCS and will see five weeks of league play in a similar format. 

Season 4 will see the RLCS comprised of the teams receiving an auto-bid from Season 3 in addition to the highest placing teams in the upcoming Play-In. The next eight teams placing highest will be invited to compete in the RLRS.

The six teams in the RLCS that qualify for the Regional Championship will keep their spot in the league for season five, as long as their rosters remain largely unchanged and they ‘adhere to RLCS rules’. Come the end of the season the two teams positioned lowest in the league will take part in a promotion/relegation tournament with the top two from the RLRS. This tournament will take place between the Regional Championship and the World Championship, and will of course decide which two are invited to RLCS season 5.

As for the rest of the teams, those that finish third and fourth will retain their spots whilst those that finish fifth to eighth will need to re-qualify. 

Another interesting shift is the recognition and involvement of four excellent community tournament organisers. The Minor League Doubles, Nexus Gaming, Pro Rivalry League and Shift Pro League will be involved in producing this season’s qualifiers. This change will see 128 teams advancing to the Play-In, which is 30 more than prior seasons. The team behind the RLCS said of the decision of who to include: “We identified several groups that continuously produce successful competitive events and provide a positive force in the community, making our decision a difficult one.”

Pro Rivalry League (PRL) will host the first of these community qualifiers on August 12th and 13th. PRL Manager Elliott “Quent” Ewing commented: “We’re very excited for the opportunity to showcase some of the talent in the Rocket League scene during the RLCS Open Qualifiers this season.

“We’ve built a platform that allows us to really push the envelope for just what is capable for online tournament providers, and the quality is apparent from first glance. Running an event of this caliber is a dream come true for PRL and all of our staff, so we’re dedicated to making this an event to remember.”

You can read about all the changes in full, and the important dates of RLCS Season 4, here

Esports Insider says: Rocket League’s growth continues. This introduction of a new division and the promotion/relegation format will make for exciting close seasons, and moreover it’s nice to see the RLCS supporting the passionate grassroots tournament organisers that have been working hard for the past year.