RFRSH Entertainment announce BLAST Pro Series

With RFRSH Entertainment recently announcing €7.2m in investment, with a focus on running events, the Copenhagen based outfit have now announced their first event.

The BLAST Pro Series is set to be a global tournament with six teams competing for a $250,000 (£193,500) prize pool.

The first of these tournaments is set to take place at the 10,000 capacity Royal Arena in Copenhagen, over the 24th-25th November. The new series will see the company work with formidable tournament operators PGL, as well as working in the views of commentator Anders Blume for the new format.

The tournament is set to be run completely different to most other esports events. Utilising a set-up in groups where three games are set to be played at the same time, in the same arena. Instead of pumping sound out throughout the entire arena for that group stage “the audience can choose the sound in their own headsets throughout the group matches”, allowing a choice of games directly in the arena without having to move.

Nikolaj Nyholm, CEO of RFRSH Entertainment said of the new tournament: “We are proud to present this esport mega-event and we have great expectations to the continuous development of esports as live entertainment on a global scale. We have received strong support from the Region and the City of Copenhagen, Wonderful Copenhagen and the Danish Government, and our ambition is to set new standards for competitive live entertainment in an inclusive and inventive format.”

Anders Blume, CS:GO commentator and Executive Consultant for the BLAST Pro Series added: “For me the opportunity to work with RFRSH helping to bring BLAST Pro Series to life is an amazing one. I have almost 5 years of working at esports around the world and I can not wait to finally be involved in the creative side of this exploding market. I have a lot of crazy ideas that normally get shut down in the regular esports landscape, BLAST Pro Series offers a unique chance to break the boundaries and push things forward.

“The fact that our production partner in this adventure is PGL also means that a lot of our ideas and wishes can be fulfilled to a level previously unimagined. This format is action packed and has great potential to get a more non-core crowd into it while still being true to the game and scene.”

The full announcement is available on RFRSH’s website.

Esports Insider says: Exciting news coming out of the RFRSH camp after their investment at the end of June. Times move fast in Copenhagen, and with a very innovative tournament turning up the heat in CS:GO it’s set to be one to focus on in November.