New ESG Tour tournament promises select locations for CS:GO pros

A new “luxurious” tournament, which calls itself the ESG Tour, is set to hit the CS:GO scene.

Sponsored by PvPRO, a platform designed to allow players to compete against each other and earn rewards, this tournament aims to set itself apart from others by hosting their tourneys in the most luxurious locations worldwide.

According to their Reddit post, ESG Tour will “offer unforgettable experiences to world-class players, thus far performing in arenas and stadiums of a darker and more industrial setting, alongside with immense possibilities for outdoor activities, subsequently producing incomparable engaging and quality content.” Essentially, all of their tournaments will be set in locations very different from the usual arenas or stadiums of traditional esports events we’ve grown accustomed to.

The first ESG Tour tournament is set to take place at a luxurious private resort in Mykonos, Greece named Destiny

ESG Tour
Image courtesy of ESG Tour

Villa. The prize pool of €200,000 (£180,473) will be given out to the winner from seven invited teams and one qualified team. The August 17th-18th qualifier will feature four teams which will fight for a spot at the LAN Finals. The teams will be revealed in an upcoming press release.

The main event will feature the eight teams split into two groups with a Double Elimination Format. The Upper Bracket will see Best-of-1 matches while the Lower Bracket will be Best-of-3. Two teams from each Group will advance to the seeded Single Elimination Playoffs with a Best-of-3 Semi Final and Best-of-5 Grand Final. This will take place from September 7th to September 10th and will not be open to the public. As such, it will be broadcasted in various languages with the English version being streamed on the ESG Tour Twitch channel

Interestingly, PvPRO will be offering two players the chance to travel to the event and meet all their favourite pros. The contest features 3 ways to enter: Play 10 games on the PvPRO platform, refer two friends or share the “Golden Ticket” posts. 

The invited teams are all world famous CS:GO champions: SK Gaming, Virtus.Pro, Team Liquid, mousesports, Heroic, BIG and the recent PGL Krakow winners, Gambit.

Esports Insider says: Esports tournaments in various luxurious locations around the world sounds pretty snazzy. However, with a new tournament host coming into play, there is always a concern that they’ll be unable to keep up on their grand promises. Hopefully all goes to plan and we see more tournaments like these as they are certainly a breath of fresh air.