FC Basel announce new esports player signings

08 August 2017


FC Basel 1893 Esports have announced two new players have joined its line up. These are both FIFA esports pros which brings the club’s total to three.

Florian ‘CodyDerFinisher’ Müller and Tim ‘The StrxngeR’ Katnawatos are the two latest additions, and they join Luca ‘LUBO’ Boller at the Swiss side. 

Müller has been signed with Germany based STARK Esports agency since May 2017 and the agency revealed that they turned down offers from other clubs in order for the 18 year old to join Basel. Müller has some pedigree in the game already; he won the FIFA Interactive World Cup Regional Finals and he’s qualified for the FIWC in the Xbox division.

Katnawatos too is an FIWC 2017 finalist.

Last week, prominent industry figure Paul ‘Redeye’ Chaloner threw out a query to Twitter asking for help in formulating a list of all the current sports clubs involved. The finalised list came to just over 150 clubs, but there is that the true figure is higher due to Chaloner’s understandable decision to only include those he was able to track down a confirmational public source.

You can watch the stream of FC Basel 1893 Esports’ announcement here but note it actually starts at 9m35 and it’s in German. 

Esports Insider says: Since FC Basel already had a FIFA player on their books, many (us included) would have hoped that the club had decided to enter new players in a different title and scene. Alas, it wasn’t to be but we can continue to hope that if these two perform well, then the club’s decision makers will explore esports in more depth.