How great are you really? Mobalytics releases the Gamer Performer Index

16 August 2017


Mobalytics, a company made up of scientists and ex-pro gamers, has developed a technology that they hope will become the standard for competitive gamer performance assessment – the Gamer Performance Index (GPI).

The Mobalytics private beta had more than 35,000 users testing the platform and over 120,000 sign up for the wait list. Those behind the platform claim that ‘never before has there been an improvement tool available to gamers with this level of scientific rigor’, and that it’ll help the everyday gamer improve their play. They’re kicking off with a focus on League of Legends. 

Dr. Amine Issa, Mobalytics Co-Founder, and Warchief of Science stated: “Video games like League of Legends are incredibly complex, with ever-changing dynamics, game states and win conditions.

“Our vision was to build the best performance analytics platform the gaming world has ever seen and although we aren’t there yet, we have made tremendous progress in the last seven months of closed beta testing with our users.”

The GPI uses in-game data and machine learning algorithms to assess player performance in different areas crucial for competitive gamers and helps identify their strengths and weaknesses. For example, for League of Legends, the GPI focuses on eight critical skills of Aggression, Consistency Farming, Fighting, Teamplay, Toughness, Versatility and Vision.

The GPI creates a unique graph for every player according to these eight skills and illustrates their play style in an easy to understand format.

Using the GPI as its central core, the Mobalytics platform provides multiple features which aid gamers at all points in their journeys to improve. The four main features are: the GPI, Pre Game, Post Game, and the Personal Dashboard.

Bogdan Suchyk, Mobalytics Co-Founder and Warchief of Business and Growth commented: “There is a huge amount of data available from the games and there are a couple of existing stats websites where gamers can check their stats. However, we’re taking a step forward and trying to make sense of players data by providing them with detailed analysis and action steps on how to improve.

“After seven months and 120,000 users on the waiting list for our private beta, we’re happy to finally release our platform for every League of Legends player to use as they climb the competitive ladder.”

Esports Insider says: This looks to be a well researched and thoroughly professional tool and if the Beta numbers are anything to go by, it should prove popular indeed. By smartly repackaging the key data points, Mobalytics intends to enable everyday League players to up their game.