Alexander Kokhanovskyy – DreamTeam – A strategic partnership with ESL

25 October 2017


DreamTeam, the esports and gaming recruitment and management network based on a centralised platform has announced a strategic partnership with ESL, which will kickoff at the Intel Extreme Masters (“IEM”) Oakland. 

DreamTeam IEM Oakland ESL

The partnership will see DreamTeam, a platform with lofty ambition have an “active presence” at IEM Oakland, where fans will have the chance to watch both Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the new title for Oakland, PUBG. The release also teases future collaborations between the two parties which at this moment are not disclosed. 

“I’ve been a long long-time fan of ESL and we see this collaboration as the cornerstone to establishing and developing an ongoing, solid partnership,” said Alexander Kokhanovskyy, CEO of DreamTeam. “Partnering with a leading esports company like ESL provides a way to tap into the audience of avid gamers at IEM Oakland and highlight how DreamTeam can advance this generation of esports gamers and fans.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with DreamTeam at the upcoming IEM Oakland event,” said Ralf Reichert, CEO of ESL. “Through this strategic partnership we will build the esports industry together as we both invest in current and future esports stars and explore innovative ways to fuel esports growth.”

Esports Insider had the chance to ask CEO of DreamTeam, Founder of Natus Vincere and co-owner of ESForce Alexander Kokhanovskyy, about the latest partnership, and the recent emergence of esports ICOs, of which DreamTeam is another in a fast-growing list.

ESI: What exactly will the partnership with ESL brings for DreamTeam?
Alexander Kokhanovskyy: ESL and DreamTeam’s partnership involves educating fans and aspiring pros about DreamTeam’s easily accessible world-class management tools. The marketing angle is that DreamTeam wants to engage fans as early as possible to get them involved in teams, and to get rid of the high barrier to entry when it comes to building a team, which is the first problem the DreamTeam platform plans to solve.
ESI: DreamTeam is based on blockchain from start to finish and creating an ecosystem that is entirely trustworthy for players and all involved. How does partnering with an event like Oakland feed into the ambitions of DreamTeam? Is it a chance to sign players up to the platform?
Alexander: Our beta launched happened at the end of August – we we are quite new. Our main goals are to bring awareness to our platform and to continue to collect valuable feedback from our fans – partnering with ESL at IEM Oakland is the perfect place for both. 
ESI: What is the ultimate aim for DreamTeam? 
Alexander: Our ultimate vision is to build a multi-billion-dollar ecosystem on the DreamTeam platform thorough media right sales, sponsorships, players salaries, and prize money, all of which will be paid in DreamTeam Token. Blockchain technology, specifically smart contracts will ensure the highest possible security, on-time payments, automated obligations control, and anti-fraud system enforcement. This is an ambitious vision, but I believe we are the team to make this happen. The first step is to provide an all-in-one solution for gamers who want to build, grow, manage and monetize their team.
ESI: We’ve seen a lot of activity around the ICO, blockchain and esports space in recent months. Do you think it’s dangerous the amount of ICO and crypto we’ve seen emerging? 
Alexander: I think there 90% of the esports ICO’s will fail to deliver in upcoming 8-12 months, but dozens of ICO’s will deliver amazing product, and DreamTeam will be one of those. We have a very experienced team, an all-star advisory board that will will reveal shortly, and a platform where tokens actually make sense. 
Esports Insider says: Alexander is an extremely experienced man in the world of esports – his C.V. speaks for itself. The intentions behind this new platform are most definitely in the right place and when compared to other ICOs which seem, at best, clutching at straws, this looks a lot more astute. Good luck to the team and congratulations on the partnership.