Ginx Esports TV and Telekom Austria sign deal

20 October 2017


Ginx Esports TV and Telekom Austria Group have announced a new partnership that will see the esports channel made available across Europe on Eutelsat 16A and thus distributed to the bulk of the Austrian telco’s subsidiaries. 

The deal comes as the fourth since February, with the channel also signing deals in February with Canada, Israel and most recently South Africa. The television channel, which received further backing from Sky and ITV back in September broadcasts live esports action, such as Call of Duty World League, The International, ELEAGUE and Overwatch APEX League as well as shows such as “The Daily Download” presented by Heather “Naysayerz” Dower which discusses pertinent issues in esports on a daily basis. 

Michiel Bakker, CEO of Ginx Esports TV told Digital V Europe: “Esports is enjoying a period of rapid expansion and European millennials are at the forefront of this movement.  Telekom Austria Group’s technical services and network will enable us to deliver the best esports content and the most popular tournament action, on TV, to a new audience across Central & Eastern Europe.”

Nikola Francetic, Head of Group Content, Media and Broadcasting at Telekom Austria Group said: “We are pleased to welcome Ginx Esports TV as a premium partner for both technical broadcast services delivery and content distribution across CEE. Telekom Austria Group is constantly looking to deliver new products and services to its millennial audience hungry for new content and exciting live TV experiences. Ginx Esports TV fits into this category perfectly and we are very excited to feature this attractive and popular content.”

Esports Insider says: Another partnership that sees Ginx expand its global coverage. Those of you in Austria can now catch Nay #OnTheDDL on your televisions on a daily basis. Congratulations to both parties on what one would hope will be a fruitful partnership.