Overwolf and Alienware new partnership to reward CS:GO players for top plays

20 October 2017


Overwolf, a software platform for competitive PC gamers has announced its latest innovative reward programme in partnership with Alienware. This weekend will mark the first of three weekends in which the “Alienware Achievements Rewards campaign” will run.

The campaign will see Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players in North America afforded premium skins for scoring a triple kill or more in-game as well as the chance to win a high-end Alienware gaming laptop in a raffle.

The grand prize is a $1,750 valued Alienware 17.3” gaming laptop with Tobii eye tracking, bundled with a backpack. Each weekend, one lucky player will receive the aforementioned laptop whilst everyone who scores a triple in-game and is partaking will receive $5 of CS:GO skins.

Each event over the three weekends will have one prize for first place, and an unlimited amount of second place prizes. Players who are utilising the Overwolf program will need to secure either a triple, a quad or an ace whilst playing Counter-Strike to win skins and be entered into a raffle.

The prizes are being supplied courtesy of Alienware, but is being powered through Overwolf’s innovative platform. The platform provides a capability to present a UI whilst in the game, and thus to track real-time events such as kills and deaths as they happen. 

This is the first Counter-Strike activation of note, with Overwolf previously working with GFUEL on a League of Legends cooperation. Above is an example of the gameplay clips that were sent in by players who secured a GFUEL prize in the previous collaboration. One would assume there will be similar reaction clips with the Counter-Strike action taking place over the next three weekends. 

Uri Marchand, Overwolf’s CEO told Esports Insider: ”As passionate CS:GO gamers ourselves, we simply wanted to make every gamer’s dream come true – get awesome free stuff for playing well”. He continued: “This is exciting news for US CS:GO fans that can play for a chance to win a high end Alienware laptop”. 

Overwolf’s Achievements Rewards Campaign is a weekend only promotion, available to all US-based CS:GO players from October 21st to November 6th, 2017. For more details visit the Overwolf website.

Esports Insider: A cool partnership that sees Overwolf’s innovative UI put to good use and allows a brand to activate in-game which is definitely something very different. It’s a shame we’re over in the UK as we would love to have got involved. Then again, not many of the ESI team are capable of a single kill never mind a triple or an ace…