DreamTeam adds Chief Executive Officers of MLG and Keynote to advisory board

06 November 2017


DreamTeam, the esports gaming and esports recruitment and management platform has announced MLG’s CEO Sundance DiGiovanni and Keynote’s CEO Dr. Moe Levin as arrivals to the advisory board.

Copyright: convisum / 123RF Stock Photo

Dr. Moe Levin hails from the world of cryptocurrency, with his global technology conference company responsible for over $250million investment into crypto and blockchain startups. Meanwhile, Sundance DiGiovanni brings a wealth of knowledge, having had experience across media, tech and video games. The release states that together, they bring “combined industry expertise and passion for esports development”.

The move from DreamTeam comes after they recently signed partnerships with both ESL and DreamHack in order to kickstart the new venture. The platform, founded by Alexander Kokhanovskyy, is fundamentally based on blockchain technology and will soon undertake an ICO, hence the reveal of two board members with deep expertise and experience. The DreamTeam token will become the universal currency for making purchases and payments on the platform, with proceeds from the ICO to further finance R&D as well as marketing and operations. 

The DreamTeam hub aims to create a centralised hub in which those involved in esports can organise teams, recruit players and manage both amateur and professional teams based on transparent blockchain technologies and smart contracts. 

“I am thrilled to join the DreamTeam Advisory Board as we focus on the long-term growth of esports together,” said Sundance DiGiovanni, Co-founder of MLG. “Their ambitions for esports mirror ours and I’m committed to supporting DreamTeam’s integral role in the expansion of esports teams.”

“Right now, there are 250 million competitive players, but only one million teams. DreamTeam is providing a valuable platform to enhance recruitment options and unlock new opportunities for gamers to form teams and kickstart careers.” said Alexander Kokhanovskyy, CEO of DreamTeam. He continued: “This is an incredible breakthrough for the entire gaming community.”

“Esports is experiencing explosive growth as its popularity soars,” said Dr. Moe Levin, CEO of Keynote. “I hope to bring my knowledge and passion to the board to add value to the revolutionary work DreamTeam currently does to help shape the future of competitive gaming.”

Esports Insider says: More big news from DreamTeam, one of the busiest startups in the space. These are undoubtedly two big name backers that will stand the ICO in good stead as we continue to see a flurry of ICOs enter the esports space. It’s important for investors to be confident of which mean business and which are here to purely take advantage of the esports buzz, and Alex & co are doing all of the right things.