Flipsid3 Tactics sign deal with REKT, with fan interaction a team priority

02 November 2017


REKT has partnered with FlipSid3 Tactics in order to debut a new fan engagement platform.

REKT.gg is a video platform which enables gamers to create and share ‘customisable Snapchat style gaming highlights’. Fans can connect with their desired teams, players, and sponsors in branded showcase hubs. Each hub allows fans to edit their favorite highlights with stickers, GIFs, music, sounds, and more. There are prizes for the best videos, and these will include signed jerseys, hardware and more customised gear. 

FlipSid3 CEO Hector Rosario commented: “Fan interaction has always been a priority for the FlipSid3 organization and our players. We are very excited that our fans will now have the opportunity to interact directly with their favorite FlipSid3 players, without having to attend a physical tournament, through the content they love most.

“The ability for fans to create hilarious video content using our players’ own footage is a very novel experience.”

“Most esports teams have no physical presence and rely on social media to reach their fans. Our product brings fans one step closer to their favorite esports teams by letting them engage directly with their favorite team or player’s best gaming clips,” noted REKT CEO Mo Hallaba. “Flipsid3 Tactics has some of the best fans in the world, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll do with our editing tools.”

The pilot program is expected to launch in Q4 this year, and there’ll be a REKT SaaS product being made available to all esports teams in early 2018. Flipsid3 currently field teams in CS:GO, Rocket League, Crossfire, Rainbow Six and the FGC. 

Esports Insider says: A new way for Flipsid3 fans to interact and engage with the team’s players. Hopefully some cool video content emerges from this, and Flipsid3 stand to do well in terms of social media reach off the back of this partnership.