ESforce Holding announces partnership with game developer Game Insight

12 December 2017


ESforce Holding has announced a partnership with game developer Game Insight. The partnership will aim to create an esports ecosystem based on the mobile shooter Guns of Boom.

Copyright: lovelyday12 / 123RF Stock Photo

ESforce Holding is best known to the esports world for its work with the likes of Natus Vincere, and SK Gaming although recently the company relinquished the rights for Natus Vincere. 

The release states that ESforce aspire to develop promising mobile games in the field as it identifies the sizeable opportunity that mobile esports presents. The release states that the “strategic partnership will aim to develop the first mobile esports shooter”. It may be slightly off from the truth, as Critical Ops has been running for quite some time and has 30 million downloads. The company behind it, Critical Force, recently welcomed Kevin Chou to its board. 

The partnership will use ESforce experience in the esports space and Game Insight’s game development expertise to develop a game which the pair hope will create a successful mobile esports. ESforce plans on building a Guns of Boom based ecosystem which will include the shooter game being tested by players from SK Gaming and

Alexander Kokhanovskyy, Co-owner, ESforce Holding stated: “A collaboration with a mobile game developer, especially one as large as Game Insight, is a valuable experience for our holding company. Through combining Game Insight’s expertise with our experience in esports, we get all the components we need to create a unique project and a prospect for a global mobile esport.”

Anatoly Ropotov, CEO, Game Insight commented: “Guns of Boom is a game that has already become popular with tens of millions of players around the world. By adding an esports mode to the game, we are, first and foremost, meeting our audience’s clearly shaped needs. Our collaboration with the esports holding ESforce emphasizes Guns of Boom’s superb quality and assures our players that the esports ecosystem will be implemented on a top-notch level.”

Esports Insider says: Good news for the both of them. Many are waking up to the mobile esports opportunity now – so we’ll have to wait and see how this goes. There’s increasing competition in the space now, but with the likes of VP and SK behind a game it could well be a hit.