NRG Esports begins partnership with Enjin Coin

20 February 2018


NRG Esports has partnered with Enjin Coin to deliver more cryptocurrency into the gaming scene. This is the first time Enjin has joined forces with an esports organisation, as it felt the need to get involved before it becomes a even bigger market – and rightfully so.

NRG Enjin Coin

Maxim Blagov, Enjin Coin CEO said this of the partnership: “We have been exploring the eSports market for some time now and have been waiting for the perfect partner. The incredible success and rapid growth of NRG eSports since its founding, coupled with their organization meticulous focus on strategy and innovation that clearly represents the future of esports made them the obvious choice.”

The collaboration will see NRG spread the word of Enjin Coin, as well as educating its rapidly-growing following on gaming cryptocurrency and introducing the Enjin Wallet (which is described as “the most secure mobile wallet in the world.”)

Ilija Rolovic, Enjin Coin CMO explained the role NRG has in the partnership a little further. “NRG eSports will help us introduce Enjin Coin to a massive, engaged, hard-core gaming audience — and be the first in a wave of gaming organizations and communities that will use our technology to galvanize their fans.” It sounds as if Enjin Coin may add other organisations to its list of partners further down the line.

NRG will create a custom token with its own branding on it, and will then distribute it to fans of the organisation in an attempt to spread awareness and to reward engagement. These tokens will be used for entering raffles and winning prizes, whether it’s visiting an event, receiving gaming hardware, or receiving professional training.

NRG already counts EventsDC, Republic of Gamers, Logitech, Twitch, and Amazon Coins among its partners. Competing in titles such as Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Rocket League, Hearthstone, For Honor, Vainglory, and Smite, NRG is one of the biggest organisations in esports.

Esports Insider says: We’re intrigued to see how NRG and Enjin Coin look to influence fans and spectators to embrace cryptocurrency over time. Using incentives and prizes makes complete sense, but it’ll have to be done well to not feel forced.