Riot Games UK & LVP working on UK tournament, Forge of Champions

24 March 2018


Riot Games UK’s Head of Esports, Mo Fadl, has revealed that the company plans to host a tournament for the company’s home nation, called Forge of Champions. The competition will be in a cup format and will include both Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Mo Fadl
Mo Fadl

Fadl said the following in an interview with Esports News UK: “The whole concept is to allow teams to be forged into champions. We have the pros and we have some… I don’t want to spoil too much! This is a teaser today. But more info will follow. It will be a game changer for the UK.”

Forge of Champions will kick off this summer with an open split and eight pro teams facing off against each other. The concept? “To allow teams to be forged into champions,” explains Fadl. “It will be a game changer for the UK.”

With this new UK tournament coming in the near future, more changes in the UK League of Legends scene will be coming, too. “We’re moving away [from ESL and UK Masters],” he continued. “We need a fresh start. We’ve worked with ESL for many many years, and we’re really grateful and thankful for what they did – an amazing job.”

It was also revealed that Riot Games UK will be partnering with LVP for this new venture. LVP is a major stakeholder in esports Spain and is the organiser of a Spanish League of Legends tournament. The company is now focused on making moves in the UK market, yet more exciting news for the UK esports scene at large; in recent times both a CS:GO major and a Dota 2 major have been announced in London and Birmingham respectively. 

Esports Insider says: Having a tournament in the UK that will help to breed the next wave of world class competitors in League of Legends can only be a good thing for the national scene.