DreamTeam adds League of Legends to its platform

14 April 2018


DreamTeam, a payment gateway for esports, has expanded its offering by adding League of Legends to its platform. The company believes that this addition will help bolster its number of users.

DreamTeam previously supported a single game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and has reportedly welcomed over 450,000 users so far. The platform also offers esports recruitment and management infrastructure support.


Alexander Kokhanovskyy, DreamTeam CEO and Founder had the following to say about the expansion: “This is great news for the entirety of esports, as we are the first to launch a comprehensive support of League of Legends for everyone. DreamTeam is the first platform in the world to allow teams to directly pay their players’ compensations. From now on, players and team owners can sign contracts by using DreamTeam Test Token, negotiate and set the player’s compensation payout date and amount; eliminating the risk of fraud and non-payment. It’s actually hard to grasp, as 150M LoL gamers will be able to use DreamTeam not only to build a team, but as their key payment gateway as well.”

The announcement also states that DreamTeam is looking to add additional games to its repertoire in upcoming months. According to its website, other titles will include Dota 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), and Overwatch.

DreamTeam is involved in esports in other ways beyond its advertised services; sponsoring StarLadder & i-League Season 4 in Kiev. It’s also a partner of professional esports organisation SK Gaming.

Esports Insider says: DreamTeam is a unique concept in the esports space, so we’re intrigued to see the growth it sees with the addition of other popular titles.