ESL and Microsoft Store partner for Esports Academy in Sydney

09 April 2018


Sydney’s flagship Microsoft Store has entered a partnership with ESL to create the Esports Academy, an initiative that will begin on Monday, 16th April and conclude on Sunday, 22nd April.

ESL Microsoft Store

Their aim is to contribute to the education and development of the up-and-comers in the esports industry. The Esports Academy will see speeches from figures in the industry, including professional competitors and shoutcasters. They will be sharing their insights into the scene and offering advice to help those who attend.

Jayke “Jayke” Paulsen, a professional League of Legends player, is one of those who will speak. Rohan “Brucey” Bruce is another figure who’s set to offer advice – he’s a former Counter-Strike player and coach who, after retiring from competing, become the COO of Avant Gaming. Laura “Saerianne” Scott is an presenter and host for the Oceania Pro League and ESL Australia, and she’ll also be in attendance.

Other speakers include: Iain “Snype” Turner, a former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who’s now an analyst rand commentator. Danny “DK” Kim, a host and commentator for both Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbox Six Seige, he’s also a part of the ESL business team. Max Ferfoglia, the Gaming Community Manager at Sydney’s Microsoft Store and co-owner of esports organisation Dark Sided.

Danny Kim, ESL Australia said the following about the Esports Academy: “It’s great to see a retail space such as the Microsoft Store being used to engage directly with the gaming community in Australia through these workshops,” said Danny Kim of ESL Australia. “The esports industry in Australia continues to experience rapid growth and this partnership with Microsoft Store helps us to share some of our knowledge and experience about esports and give people a chance to get up close and personal with some of the leading talent in the industry.”

Esports Insider says: It’s good to see budding Australian players, shoutcasters, and esports fans being given the chance to speak to experienced figures from the industry. We hope it helps to spawn the next wave of esports talent in the country in the future, and generate more interest there too. The Microsoft stores are typically designed to be great fun, and with the plethora of tech around, they’re  an ideal host location for ESL’s Esports Academy.