Team Vitality and Gaming Campus are partnering to train future esports athletes

Team Vitality and Gaming Campus have partnered to open Europe’s first business and esports study campus.


The campus will see Team Vitality players train throughout their careers at the campus by improving their in-game performances, communication ability and taking park in social media training to improve their social image. Team Vitality will also play an active role in the selection process of people looking to join the programme from outside of the organisation.

Athletes on the course will partake in a number of specific learning capsules – media training, monetizing of video games, public speaking, data analysis, business creation, business development, immersion in virtual reality as well as English and French.

These courses will be run by a number of outside professionals, including – journalists, game publishers, former opera singers and investment fund managers along with many others.

Speaking about the partnership, Fabien Devide, President of Team Vitality, had this to say: “Like any high-level sport, some careers are successful and others less so. As a professional sports practice, esport is no exception to the rule. It is therefore essential to offer athletes a pedagogical framework to improve their daily performance and allow them to bounce back to pursue the practice of their passion in
other professional settings. Team Vitality is proud to be a forerunner in this field and delighted to be associated with the Gaming Academy, which shares the same vision”

Team Vitality hope to use this Gaming Academy to help bring out professional esports players while giving them a solid educational base. Two certificates are available for athletes; top-level athlete and video game entrepreneur. The idea of the programme is to allow players to use the skills they have learned on the course to transition into life after esports.

The Gaming Academy will start in October 2018, with registration open today.

Esports Insider says: Team Vitality are making a big step in the right direction. Not only will this give their pro players skills they can use once their esports careers end it also allows the team to find bright sparks for the future.