DreamHack is offering a Master’s in esports business

As announced in a video on May 16th, DreamHack – a Swedish events and production company – is now offering a Master’s in Esports Business.

Acting as a collaborative institution, DreamHack is offering the course through ISDE – a Spanish educational institution, and law and business school based in Barcelona, Madrid and New York. 

There’s a surprising lack of detail on the official course literature, but it does give a general background and overview of esports for those who may be unfamiliar. The announcement video does divulge in more details, however. Positioning the course as a method of forging a career in the esports industry, there are six main topics revealed:

  • Competition Management
  • Event Production
  • Team Management
  • PR & Marketing
  • Media Production and Distribution
  • Esports Law

As the title of the Master’s degree suggests, these topics would give an individual a well-rounded knowledge on the business side of the industry. The video’s description also explains that it “features a comprehensive content plan that includes internships in some of the industry’s leading companies.”

The video goes on to highlight some of the figures that are involved in the course, including Marcus Lindmark, CEO and President of DreamHack, Ralf Reichert, CEO of ESL, Stefan Magnusson, Vice President of DreamHack, Nicole Pike, Managing Director of Nielsen Esports, Alexander Kokhanovskyy, Founder of Natus Vincere, and Nicolas Cerrato, Founder of Gamoloco.

This news is the latest in a number of stories about higher education and esports connections recently, with UC Berkeley signing a partnership with both Riot Games and NRG, and the likes of Tencent partnering with Oxford University. The first full esports-dedicated degree program in the UK also gets underway this September at the University of Staffordshire. 

Esports Insider says: It’s somewhat of a surprise to see DreamHack involved with creating a Master’s degree in esports, but it’s a prominent company in the industry so it’s certainly well equipped. With more and more universities providing esports topics, this is likely to become more commonplace over time.