FACEIT to host four regional Minors at Twickenham Stadium

FACEIT has announced the dates and location of four newly-announced Minors that will lead up to the FACEIT London Major in September. There will be four regional competitions hosted throughout July, each taking place at the Twickenham Stadium in London, UK.

Each Minor will see top tier CS:GO teams battle it out for $50,000 (£37,035) and a spot in the FACEIT London Major Challenger Stage. This is the first instance of an esports organisation hosting a Major for the title in just one location.

FACEIT Minors Twickenham Stadium

Twickenham Stadium is home to England Rugby and will also act as the dedicated location of the Minors, which are listed below. Open qualifiers for these tournaments commence on May 14th and end on June 17th – registration is open now.

  • FACEIT Americas Minor – 7th-11th July
  • FACEIT CIS Minor – 10th-13th July
  • FACEIT Asia Minor – 16th-20th July
  • FACEIT Europe Minor – 19th-22nd July

Michele Attisani, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of FACEIT discussed the Minors in a statement: By hosting each stage of the tournament at Twickenham Stadium we’re hoping to bring new life to the Minors. The Major should be a celebration of all things CS:GO, we want to bring teams together for the first time and make sure teams of all levels feel welcome and feel the Major experience.”

Following the open qualifiers for the FACEIT Minors, teams from North America, CIS, and Europe will advance to closed qualifiers against eight invited teams. This will result in 16 teams facing off against each other for one of eight spots in each of the Minors. In Asia, six qualifying teams will go straight through to the FACEIT Asia Minor, whereas two teams in South America will directly qualify for the Minor. The closed qualifiers will be hosted in June as follows: CIS from 1st-3rd June, North American from 22nd-24th June, and Europe from 29th June-1st July.

The teams invited to the closed qualifier for the FACEIT CIS Minor are HellRaisers, AVANGAR, FlipSid3 Tactics, Spirit, Pro100, EPG, ForZe, and Nemiga Gaming.

Esports Insider says: We were chuffed to see the 13th CS:GO Major coming to London, but four regional Minors taking place on our home turf also? That’s just the cherry on top. We’re confident FACEIT can prove that this way of hosting a string of events is effective in all aspects.