Cooler Master partners with eDen Esports Bar

Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master has partnered with eDen Esports to support eDen Esports Bar in Leeds, United Kingdom.

The bar is best known for providing a place for both PC and console gamers to have fun and compete, with regular tournaments taking place.

Cooler Master eDen Esports Bar

The eDen Esports Bar has was designed to “create an inclusive and positive space to play gamers with friends” and to help with the development of the esports industry in the UK. It comprises of a downstairs bar and café where drinks and food can be purchased, and an upstairs gaming area with console areas and 12 gaming PCs – these PCs will utilise Cooler Master’s peripherals.

Jon, General Manager at eDen stated: “Partnership with Cooler Master is very important to us in bringing our customers excellent equipment in providing the best gaming experience possible, with
the developing esports scene in the UK it is vital to promote connections within the industry to further bring our homegrown scene into the spotlight of the wider gaming community.”

Cooler Master is involved as it feels the esports bar aligns with its goals: making “gaming more accessible” from casual gamers to budding professionals.

Leah Somers, UK Marketing Manager at Cooler Master also commented: “We are very excited to be working with eDen, they have an amazing venue which is the perfect haven for gamers. There is a great sense of community there, and we are excited to show off some of our products to their visitors. We will also be looking to host some of our own events there, as they have a large gaming room, a bar and great food – what more could you want under one roof?!”

Esports Insider says: The UK is becoming increasingly known for its enthusiasm when it comes to esports, but it’s the southern parts of the country that are considered hotspots. Having an esports bar – which is becoming a more and more popular type of venue – in the North can only be a good thing, and it’s nice to see Cooler Master get involved in a hands-on capacity.