Esports Camps opens summer camps for League of Legends

US Sports Camps Executive Vice President, Justin Hoeveler has launched a new company called Esports Camps that will offer summer camps for students under 18. For the first summer, Esports Camps will only feature League of Legends.

Justin Hoeveler, Esports Camps Co-Founder and CEO

The camps will be similar to traditional sports summer camps with students grouped into teams and coaches available to assist in improving game skill. The camps will not only help students with game skill but how to handle emotions in-game and physical fitness as a gamer. The Esports Camps website assures: “Players will learn how to self-reflect and manage their emotions to perform their best and support their team no matter what.”

Esports Camps have partnered with Robert Morris University, Sports Academy, University of Toronto Esports, and Esports Arena to host camps at its respective esports facilities with Esports Arena hosting at its Santa Ana and Oakland locations.

Robert Morris University’s Head of Esports, Jose Espin commented in a statement: “The goal of the training camps are not only focused on talent development and helping to develop future all-stars, but also to teach players life skills through experiences, like traditional sports. We hope players understand the importance of attitude, leadership, communication, and teamwork in accomplishing their goals in life, work, and competition.”

Hoeveler added: “We’re really excited to be able to create an incredible, immersive experience for Esports athletes, just like the top traditional sports camps offer. This is an incredible opportunity for gamers to experience what it’s like to compete at the next level of Esports. It essentially allows a camper to live the life of a collegiate Esport athlete for a week.”

The Esports Camps website states more dates and locations will be made available, meaning more camps may be announced before summers end. Camps are available to student ranging in ages 10 – 18 and prices range from $495 (£376) – $545 (£414) depending on location.

Esports Insider says: As collegiate esports has grown bigger and bigger, and as summer arrives, universities are hunting for more outreach in their communities. What better way to promote esports than hold summer camps? The Esports Camp program is the latest addition to summer esports camps as Harrisburg University announced a similar initiative last week. These camps will be another great opportunity for students to learn about proper esports etiquette and beef up their League of Legends skills.