Foundry IV expands partnership with MGM Resorts International

Foundry IV, a game development and esports consultancy company, has expanded its partnership with MGM Resorts International – an entertainment company that deals mainly in hotels and casinos.

The results of this deal are the Suite Series, the development of a Battle Royale game, a “competitive gaming series” designed specifically for casino play, and the inception of a new federation.

Foundry IV

Suite Series will consist of numerous events involving athletes, celebrities and influencers battling it out against each other – representing different properties owned by MGM Resorts along the way.

Simon Abitbol, CTO & Co-founder of Foundry IV said the following about Suite Series: “Suite Series has been in development for close to a year, and while it will feature high level competitive play, there is a primary focus on fun and entertainment. This collaboration will give athletes and celebrities the chance to celebrate gaming with their favorite streamer in a live environment with the community. Where better to celebrate something than in a Las Vegas suite?”

The aforementioned Battle Royale title will be built on Epic Games‘ Unreal Engine, and Foundry IV will work with MGM Resorts and the Nevada Gaming Commission to host competitions on the casino floor. The game will have two “competitive systems” to accommodate for this concept: one system for casino play, and another for standard competitive play.

Tobias Sherman, CEO & Co-founder of Foundry IV discussed the casino floor product: “The second I saw the battle royale genre I likened it to poker on steroids. Forced action derived from a shrinking battlefield based on time is the same as blinds increasing. You have limited information on your opponent and you can choose to press them, stand off, or run away which is equivalent to raise, call, fold based on your read. There’s an RNG element associated with weapons similar to cards you draw, and finally there’s the donkeys, the dead money. “Loot delivery systems”, that are just carrying resources or in the case of Poker “chips” around until they are eventually eliminated. Battle royales feature less RNG, more skill, with the ability to go many directions that will allow fans of the genre to experience our game in a unique fashion they can’t get anywhere else. Finally, the genre also allows us to include brands in new and exciting ways. We are currently working with select brands to figure out how best to feature them while being additive to the gameplay experience.”

The competitive scene for the upcoming game is being developed alongside professional sports franchises and figures from industries such as entertainment and technology.

Foundry IV will also be expanding the role of its ownership group, morphing it from a franchise model to a federation known as New Sports Federation (NSF). The federation will “inspire growth in digital competitive entertainment”, create products, and aid publishers in entering esports.

Scott Merchant, Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder of Foundry IV commented on the New Sports Federation: “Tobias is known as the grand unifier in the industry, and will use that vast experience to create the New Sports Federation. The reality is that regional exclusivity has been a necessity for every traditional sports owner we speak with both in the United States and abroad, so in this instance we are going to have to select which partner is best suited and prepared to contribute strategically. The good news is that traditional sports team ownership recognizes this as an opportunity to connect with a new audience. That audience is their future season ticket holder, concert goer, and “New Sport” participant. We are selecting leaders that are genuinely interested in solving current and future challenges in this space.”

Esports Insider says: It’s clear that Foundry IV has big plans, creating a competitive series for athletes and celebrities, entering the competitive Battle Royale genre, and launching a federation. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the company to see just how it pulls these ambitious ventures off with help from MGM!