OpTic Gaming announces entry into Latin American market

American esports organisation OpTic Gaming is sticking to its plans of expanding globally with an announcement that it has entered the Latin American esports market.

Picking up the former roster of Ronin Esports, OpTic Gaming now has a second Gears of War team and it consists of Mexican players.

Along with picking up a Mexican Gears of War roster, the organisation has launched a dedicated, all-Spanish social media presence to better interact and engage with the Mexican and Latin American esports community that it’s looking to tap into.

Here’s the roster for OpTic Mexico:

  • Hector “Dezonide” Becerra
  • Reynaldo “ChaoZ” Tosado
  • Carlos “Addvers” Navarro
  • Rogelio “Sleeafer” Rojo
  • Carlos “Monkyz” Minguez
  • Carlos “Demize” Betancour (Coach)

This isn’t OpTic Gaming’s first expansion into esports outside of America. Partnering with AFK Gaming and SoStronk at the beginning of May this year, the popular organisation went through a rigorous trial period with budding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players to find an Indian team – which was aptly dubbed OpTic India.

James Chen, Editor for Infinite Esports & Entertainment stated the following in the announcement: “OpTic Gaming’s long stewardship as the face of American esports gives its a uniquely in-depth perspective and experience in the growth and maturation of the esports industry. That experience will now be leveraged abroad to help increase growth and opportunities for regions whose fanbase’s zeal and passion aren’t quite yet matched by their infrastructural capabilities.”

To coincide with this announcement, OpTic Gaming created a new line of apparel entitled ‘Championship Green’ – made specifically for OpTic Mexico. There are no details on when this will be made available for purchase.

Esports Insider says: OpTic Gaming isn’t the only organisation we’ve seen entering the Latin American scene as of late, and we can’t help but think it’s a good move. Gears of War especially is popular in Mexico, and picking up a solid team to represent OpTic Mexico makes sense to us. We’re intrigued to see which market the organisation ventures into next.