DreamHack announces Bell as headline sponsor for Montréal event

08 August 2018


DreamHack has announced that they have renewed their partnership with Bell as the headlining event sponsor for DreamHack Montréal 2018. The Canadian telecommunications company returns as their exclusive telecom partner and headline partner for the third consecutive year.

DreamHack Montréal takes place September 7th to 9th at Olympic Stadium and will feature tournaments for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Shadowverse, Starcraft 2 and Street Fighter V. The tournaments will vary in prize pool, with CS:GO and Starcraft 2 topping $100,000 (£77,200).

Simon Marin, President of DreamHack Canada said, “Bell has been one of our key partners since the first DreamHack event held in Canada. They share our vision to constantly elevate the gaming experience at our events for attendees and we are honoured to count on their support for a third consecutive year.”

While Bell will power the event with their 20 Gbps internet across over 2,000 machines, the company has not been without controversy. In May last year, they suffered a security breach whereby 1.9m email accounts and 1,700 employee phone numbers and email addresses were illegally obtained by hackers. January this year they were attacked yet again, however they announced that fewer than 100,000 accounts were accessed. Jon Lindsay told the Huffington Post, “It certainly is a sign of lax practices, of lax cybersecurity posture”. However, no incidents have been reported at a DreamHack event.

DreamHack has slowly been expanding outside of Europe in the past few years, with Montréal being their 2nd stop in North America with another planned in Atlanta, Georgia later in November.

Esports Insider says: DreamHack hosting an event in Montréal for the third year in a row shows confidence in the venue, audience and sponsors in the region. While they have attended different locations throughout the United States over the past few years, they have returned to Montréal with the same sponsor year over year. This continued support can only mean great things for the Canadian scene.