epic.LAN is going bigger and better in 2019

27 August 2018


UK-based tournament organiser epic.LAN has revealed the dates of its tournaments for 2019.

epic.LAN is moving its events into the arena within Kettering Conference Centre – allowing more capacity, and subsequently, more competition.


The three events announced by epic.LAN for 2019 are as follows:

  • epic26 – February 7-10th (650 spaces)
  • epic27 – June 13-16th (450 spaces)
  • epic28 – October 10-13th (650 spaces)

epic26 and epic28 will be hosted in the ground floor of the centre, with detailed plans for the arena layout being worked up at the moment. What’s known is that there will be areas for specific games, so both casual and competitive gamers can congregate around a mutual title.

Jon Winkle, Founder and Managing Director of epic.LAN told Esports Insider the following: “We’ve sold out 6 of our events in the past few years, with waiting lists every time, so we felt it was time to let more people come along and experience epic.LAN. We see ourselves as being an important stepping stone for players, talent and backstage staff in the UK as we’re often the first live event people will attend because of our huge focus on the community. There’s plenty more to come from us in 2019, opening up more space is just the first step!”

The upcoming epic.LAN event is epic25, which will take place at the Kettering Conference Centre from October 11-14th. There will be space for 465 players to compete.

Esports Insider says: Supporting grassroots competition in the UK for a good while, epic.LAN is doing important work that can often go under-appreciated. Increasing the space in upcoming events will likely allow more and more budding to professionals to get LAN experience, so this seems like a very positive move for UK esports.