ESI London 2018 – How will it differ to ESI Birmingham?

21 August 2018


ESI London 2018 is Esports Insider’s third esports conference of 2018, and the ninth event overall, and would you believe it; they’re only getting better.

Whether you attended ESI Birmingham back in May or not, (and if you didn’t you can find out what you missed here) it’s worth knowing what you can expect when you attend ESI London this September 18 – 20th.

Knowing the ins and outs of the industry, we’ve assembled the best speakers on the most pressing topics in some amazing locations, and you’ll be in great company. Here’s exactly how ESI London will differ from ESI Birmingham.

1. Anyone any good at geography? 

It’s in the name, but we’d thought we’d be extra clear; ESI London will indeed be hosted in London. Crazy, right? England’s capital city, the home of our HQ, and the likes of FACEIT, Gfinity, UKIE, and plenty more, is where we are locating this one, which will, henceforth, be our flagship event year on year. 

Both events have been located perfectly for the time in which they were set to take place, with both preceding Majors – something that the UK doesn’t have enough of. These are rare moments, and conveniently, ESI Birmingham was the Official Business Conference of Dota 2 Major ESL One Birmingham, in partnership with ESL, Intel and PwC no less. This enabled us to give our attendees backstage access the day before the Major kicked off, as well as VIP access throughout the entire tournament finale. 

ESI London meanwhile coincides with a huge CS:GO event; the FACEIT Major: London. Handy, isn’t it?

2. Duration 

Another key change for this event is that it’ll last for three days, spreading out the panels, debates, tournaments, education, fun, coffee, good food and networking as there’s simply so much to get through!

Instead of hosting a one-and-done conference, we’ve got the ESI food, drinks and social on the first day (18th), workshops, panels, and debates on all things esports industry the second (19th), whilst the third day (20th) has a main track focused solely on betting within the industry since its such a vast and layered topic.

There will also be a number of smaller and more targeted ESI Seminar Sessions going on in the exhibition zone over both days; covering everything from sim racing to mobile esports’ potential and more. 

Here’s what Rob Black, COO of ESL UK has to say about our conferences: “I love the opportunity that ESI gives to industry experts to gather, discuss and impart knowledge. Birmingham was a fantastic example of that mindshare atmosphere, all tied in with the first ever UK Major meant for a highly engaging and rewarding symposium. I’m really looking forward to some further great debate and enlightening insight from ESI London.”

ESI Birmingham
ESI Birmingham

3. How many sessions?! Topics for all tastes…

Each time an ESI event comes around, you can expect a plethora of hot topics to be the subjects of discussion. Whilst ESI Birmingham, being the official business conference of ESL One Birmingham, and the UK’s first Dota 2 Major, was laser-focused on topics in and around the UK as an esports hub, ESI London is truly international. 

This time we have 19 sessions over two days, featuring in excess of 60 top speakers from across Europe, North America and Asia. 

We have a discussion on building and running an esports team to open, with some of the most experienced figureheads in doing just that from the CEO of CompLexity Gaming Jason Lake, to the co-owner of Fnatic Patrik Sättermon, Team Vitality CEO Nico Maurer, North CEO Christian Sorensen and one more to be announced. 

We’ve also sessions on building a brand in esports specifically, blockchain, sim racing, data-driven storytelling, and a whole track on betting in store for you, but we will host live debates involving key stakeholders and heavyweights in the industry.

The debate will centre around franchised leagues and their pros and cons for the industry at large. You’re going to hear experts discuss and exchange views on some of the most emerging narratives in esports as of late. Don’t expect any screaming, shouting, or WWE-style combat though!

Chris Murphy, Associate Producer for Square Enix Collective also shared his thoughts on ESI events: “With their efforts in Birmingham, the folks at ESI clearly demonstrated that with the right infrastructure and support, the UK can become a global leader within esports; and importantly, that the infrastructure and support is being put in place to make that happen. I very much look forward to ESI London bringing us one step closer to that reality.”

4. Extended networking opportunities  

It wouldn’t be an ESI event without plenty of networking opportunities and an incredible after party – luckily, we’ve decided to go even bigger and better for ESI London.

The usual networking and drinks sessions will be hosted after each day, including a party on the 19th at Millbank Tower and an opening party on the 18th, but the Official Closing Party on the 20th will be hosted at a national treasure: the Natural History Museum.

Our networking events allow you to speak to a variety of figures from both inside and outside of the industry, giving you the potential to forge invaluable business connections. With dinner, drinks, and non-stop chat, it’s the perfect time to have a laugh while discussing the topic on everybody’s mind: esports.

National History Musuem
Natural History Museum

5. More Fun. Tournaments, parties and more… 

You didn’t think we’d forget the core foundation of esports, did you? Competing is the very essence in which the industry is made up from, so we’re hosting our very own tournaments for you to prove your mettle.

The action will kick off on midway through the first day of the conference, with the finals following the next day to determine which non-professional player at ESI London is the best non-professional player out of all of them, well, non-professional players who attend.

6. An ESI Hall of Fame…

The Esports Insider Hall of Fame is a new addition that has been devised to recognise and award individuals who have contributed – and still contribute – massively towards shaping and developing the esports industry.

An awards ceremony will take place on the final day of ESI London at the iconic National History Museum which is fitting as this presentation is literally making history. Three instrumental and monumental figures will be inducted into the ESI Hall of Famer, with one of our renowned networking parties to follow leading into the early hours! Celebration at its finest, some may say.


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