EVO welcomes new sponsor eSports Ecosystem

EVO and eSports Ecosystem are partnering up for the upcoming event in Las Vegas, Nevada. The cryptocurrency company continues with its mission to become the standard cryptocurrency for all of esports.

eSports Ecosystem started sponsoring events back in May with the Canada Cup Masters Series 2018. The company’s goals go beyond simple sponsorship of events.

According to its Whitepaper: “This cryptocurrency will be used for many things; as pay-outs to the players, as an entry fee into tournaments, to trade merchandise on-site or online and most importantly, this cryptocurrency will be used for the growth and facilitation of the esports ecosystem.”

Part of the growth includes sponsorships for players, teams, charities and gaming scholarships. eSports Ecosystem recognizes the struggles tournament organisers must face and how it affects the players. Small tournaments are not sustainable and this model touches the players directly. The company hopes to stimulate the ecosystem in the future by increasing the prize pools with ESE tokens.

 So far, the ideas are on paper. The initial coin offering for eSports Ecosystem starts in September with a pre-sale. The goal is to sell 1.2 billion ESE tokens and another 5 billion later in November. If everything goes according to the plan, the company will raise $22 million USD (roughly £16.8 million). Another 1.9 billion tokens are going to the founder’s wallet and 1.7 billion is destined to the Community Wallet. All the sponsorship money will come from the Community Wallet.

EVO is eSports Ecosystem’s biggest partner to the date. The event evidently trusts the company’s vision and we could see a complementary ESE token prize-pool in 2019.

Esports Insider says: Cryptocurrencies are facing the stigma that esports faced many years ago. The mission of eSports Ecosystem to become ‘the standard cryptocurrency for all of esports’ is both brash and bold , and somewhat concerning too. That said, they’ve signed on FGC veteran Justin Wong as an advisor, and with a deal with EVO it’s clear they’re going big. The fighting games route is an interesting initial one to take too, so we’ll be intrigued to see where this ends up.