Overwolf and Intel launch $7m fund for developers

21 August 2018


Intel and Overwolf have announced a partnership that will see a $7m (£5.46m) fund available for developers that want to develop applications within the Overwolf app. They have begun taking applications and will start investing in Q4 2018, with upwards of $500k (£390k) up for grabs for interested developers.

Notably, the fund will be a grant, allowing developers to test the waters with their idea without worry of getting stuck with debt. If the app is successful and the developers wish to monetize, then the fund will implement a revenue-sharing option whereby the investment will be recouped and can then be reinvested back into other applications. Developers will have to check in with the fund monthly to track progress and offer any advice.

Uri Marchand, CEO at Overwolf said: “We continuously look for opportunities to help developers create awesome experiences that make today’s top games even more fun to play. We’ve designed the fund’s evaluation process to be simple and fast so that developers can focus 100% of their efforts on making the best possible application, mod or game extension.”

The fund is one of the first collaborations between the two companies and seeks to populate competitive esports titles with additional applications and mods that can help any player improve their gameplay. Some of the applications already available on the app store are the widely popular Heartharena and Spawning Pool, both used by streamers for Hearthstone and Starcraft to help their decision making in-game quicker and easier.

Available for startups as well as individuals, the fund comes at a time where more esports teams begin expanding and looking for a greater edge outside of the game. While applications like Heartharena and Spawning Pool allow for players of all skill levels to utilize it and improve their gameplay with helpful reminders and tier lists, applications like SixteenZero are working to make analyzing Counter-Strike easier for teams and coaches.

Esports Insider says: While this partnership bolsters Overwolf’s own library of applications and their foothold as one of the premier external app stores for esports titles, the fund itself is a great step forward for any budding developer with an interesting idea.